You and me been catchin' on like wildfire
"There will always be women in rubber flirting with me!"

Hi, I'm Brooke.*points up* Those are my boys. I'm 26. I'm a lesbian. I love this woman, who also made the sidebar gif. I am and forever will remain a Glambert.

Things you will see on this blog: These two who ruin my life daily, this man who is perfection on legs, the man who saved my life, my very own Mr. Sunshine, the Texas Sassmaster, future king and queen of Dallas, the heartbreakers of the Shadow World, and random funny shit that holds my attention for more than 4 seconds.

Things you will NOT see on this blog (just to be fair): Sherlock, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, hate of any kind (except the occasional bashing of 50 Shades but hey no one's a saint).

Please feel free to talk to me! :) Scroll over the gif!

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that one otp that you can’t stop shipping even after you gave up the show 

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Kurtbastian Firsts Meme:
13 -> First Time Seeing the Other Cry Since Dating

OH MY GOD I THINK I MISSED THIS? HOW DID I MISS IT??? but Kurt would so suggest a memorial to make Sebastian feel closure, and you know it’s always been my headcanon that Sebastian has this one pet (usually always a dog) that he is incredibly ridiculously close to and likes better than any other human (until Kurt comes along ofc) ^_^

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kinda wanna get laid kinda wanna sleep

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Remember in the 90’s there used be a room in your house that was called the “computer room”.

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that weird zoned out look that taemin gets when he looks at onew ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

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I miss the sunshine already :/

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En route :) i miss @wekya already *sniffle* but can’t wait to see mom and dad and @monica_palmer !! (at San Diego International Airport)

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3/∞ reasons to love Kim Jonghyun

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bias/era: taemin/jojo1 for 

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onew sangtae (jinki being himself) gifs for c-hunji 
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Onew fixing Taemin’s hair

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