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Hi, I'm Brooke.*points up* Those are my boys. I'm 26. I'm a lesbian. I love this woman, who also made the sidebar gif. I am and forever will remain a Glambert.

Things you will see on this blog: These two who ruin my life daily, this man who is perfection on legs, the man who saved my life, my very own Mr. Sunshine, the Texas Sassmaster, future king and queen of Dallas, the heartbreakers of the Shadow World, and random funny shit that holds my attention for more than 4 seconds.

Things you will NOT see on this blog (just to be fair): Sherlock, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, hate of any kind (except the occasional bashing of 50 Shades but hey no one's a saint).

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So majestic

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hello we are brooke and megan and we are fic writing professionals

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Would you guys kindly do me a favor and like this post if you are a TOPP DOGG, TEEN TOP, RED VELVET, BANGTAN, 2NE1, GIRLS DAY, SNSD, 4MINUTE, GOT7 TUMBLR, OR post things that aren’t really related to EXO— I would appreciate it and I’ll check out your tumblr. (I am seriously in desperate need of other people to follow)

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Gothic school girl outfits for summer fall winter and spring

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i really appreciate people who alphabetize their follow forevers so that i can easily and quickly see that i am not included

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kurtbastian hiatus projectweek three
day six: other

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And here is what we call a textbook defintion of puppydog eyes.

it winked are you joking

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Smart phones are making us antisocial. [x]

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inspired by (x)

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Magnus Bane

Magnus "I’ll help Shadowhunters and other Downworlders out even though it’s frowned upon because it’s the right thing and I hate seeing people hurt" Bane

Magnus "I always try to see the good in people, including crazy inventors, mundanes and yes, even delinquent vampires and nephilim" Bane.

Magnus "Don’t get too close to me because I don’t want to end up like my friend Tessa" Bane

Magnus “I’ll still save my ex girlfriend’s life and care about her even though she broke my heart” Bane

Magnus "I’ll stand up for the faeries even if you won’t because this is wrong" Bane

Magnus "I’ll give up everything and give myself over to my father for you all to live" Bane

Magnus, “A lot of the people I care about have been killed by Nephilim and mundanes but I still help them because condemning an entire race for the actions of a few is dumb” Bane


I’m quoting Catarina here: ” You’re sarcastic 12 hours a day, but you’re almost never spiteful. You have a good heart under all the glitter.” And he does. Just because his father is Asmodeus DOESN’T mean that he’s a cruel jerk. Magnus is an example of how your blood, or anyone/anything, defines who you are except you. I know it’s kinda bad to aspire to be like a fictional character, but damnit Magnus is my inspiration. I adore him for the sweet, caring person he is.

It’s not bad to aspire to fictional characters. If I didn’t aspire to Magnus and rather to someone in my real life, my self expectations would be a hell of a lot lower.

That being said, Magnus is, and always will be, my favorite literary character. I relate to him so well, because he represents a niche group in literary characters. He is canonly a half-Asian (POC at that!), bisexual, previously abused romantic who is afraid to truly fall in love due to past heartbreak. Rather than write you all a sob story of my life, I’m just going to tell you that Magnus’ character matches me perfectly, right down to the preference for black hair and blue eyes. A lot of you hail me for writing a good Magnus in my fanfiction, but really it’s just like I’m writing myself.

That being said, Magnus sets a bar as far as literary characters go. He never once condemns a person for their race/appearance, he is only suspicious of them, and is open to letting his heart change on the matter. He forgives so much in his storyline. He forgives Camille a dozen times over before he leaves her. He forgives the slights of Nephilim and humanity and still agrees to help them. He forgives Alec, because in the end, he does truly love him and wants to try again. And the Fae, Magnus stands up for them because despite being kidnapped and imprisoned in Edom by them, he understands that it was not the Fae as a whole, merely the Seelie Queen. He does this all while maintaining an interesting, snarky personality that is both attractive and hilarious.

People like to go on about how Alec Lightwood is a gift, well so is Magnus Bane. I will fight you on that.

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Scully: These clothes that I’m wearing, they’re my size. How the hell do you know my size?
Shadow Man: Your size? I know your blood type, your resting heart rate, your childhood fear of clowns. I know the name of your college boyfriend, your true hair colour, your ATM pin number, favourite charities, pet peeves. I know you spend too much time alone. And, I know… that on one lonely night you invited Mulder to your bed.
Scully: Oh My God.
Shadow Man: I was as surprised as you were.

If only we knew Dana Scully’s true hair color.

OH WAIT. We do. And it’s fucking red.

I woman asked CC another day. I think is auburn. I’ll search agai.

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I wanted to double check that “The Cherry on Top” was a short novel or novella and I found this on I think it’s very informative and hopefully you guys will find it useful!

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[20 day SHINee challenge© -day06- favorite teaser picture : Sherlock

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public schooling is a joke i mean you put 200 kids in each grade who are all different and need personalized education and classes and hate each other and you deprive them of using the restroom, eating when they get hungry, etc. and you expect them to be perfect students like no

private school is also a joke you do the exact same thing, make everything harder, and also charge money for it

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dat fanfic


Well, damn…

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